• "Customers buying raw food visit the store more often"

    ”Raw feeding is on the rise and it has brougth us a lot of new customers. Customers buying raw food visit the store more often and are interested in having conversations on dog feeding. It is good to have various options to offer the customer.”

    Ritva Kyllönen, Turun Lemmikkiasema, Turku Finland

  • "Raw feeding has brought us a lot of new customers"

    ”Raw feeding has brought us new customers interested in various feeding options. Raw feeding has given good results to dogs with problems and well-being to other dogs as well. Customers have learnt that raw feeding is not difficult – it is a way of life! 

    The benefits of MUSH are versatility and that the products are easy to use. Consumers’ interest towards BARF feeding has clearly increased. Starting to ’barf’ is easy – people are more willing to try it.”

    Mia Öhman, Pet store Tottakai, Kotka Finland

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