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   Oy MUSH Ltd
   Meijeritie 4

   68600 Pietarsaari

  • A Finnish family-owned business, founded in 2004. A part of  Snellman Group since 2011.
  • In 2013, turnover was 6.1 million euros.
  • Employs 40 people.
  • Only pure, Finnish meat ingredients are used in the production of MUSH B.A.R.F.®  products.
  • MUSH is the biggest BARF product manufacturer and one of the biggest dog food manufacturers in the Nordic countries.
  • MUSH is a forerunner in BARF feeding in Finland.
  • MUSH has a strong focus on research and product development.
  • Products are sold in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Germany.

Press Room

MUSH’s press room provides you the latest news and press releases as well as high resolution images and other useful material. 

Did you know?

The name of our brand MUSH comes from the sled dog world. "MUSH” is a command word used by the sled driver to get the dogs in motion.

heritage and Culture

Our heritage began in the 1980s with the dream of feeding dogs natural food. In the beginning, we were a small family-owned business that believed strongly in what we were doing – even if nobody else did. We worked hard because we knew that were doing the right thing.

We have our own factory, in the middle of the agricultural landscape in Pietarsaari, Finland. Our brand has its roots in the small town feeling of rural Finland.

The work culture at our factory inspires a positive attitude and teamwork. We have a strong focus on product development and we take scientific results into account when developing our products.

Read more about our values and history: Why MUSH.


The mush Team


Magnus Pettersson
+358 44 538 6389




BARF expert

Riikka Lahti
+358 44 796 6833