How we make our products


The fresh ingredients arrive

Most meat ingredients arrive daily from MUSH’s nearby producers to MUSH. Seasonal ingredients that come from further away, such as reindeer from Lapland and salmon from Norway, are transported fresh frozen to MUSH. The fresh frozen ingredients are stored in our freezer storage until they are used.




The ingredients are examined

The ingredients are received and examined. Upon arrival, the temperature is checked so that we can confirm that the raw material is well chilled.





The ingredients are weighed

After reception and examination, the ingredients are weighed and mixed according to the various recipes. Each batch is documented so that the person responsible for this process and the document is saved in our own control system.





The ingredients are rough ground

The weighed batch is moved to pulp production where the raw materials are first rough ground in a large mill. The frozen and fresh chilled ingredients are blended together and ground in the same mill. 





The ingredients are ground

After the rough grinding of the meat and the bones, the mass is moved to two additional mills and at this stage vegetables are also added.





the mass is mixed

The ground meat and vegetables are mixed together in a blender.





The mass is portioned

The ready mixed mass goes into our portioning machine that divides the mass into servings of 25 grams.





The portions are frozen

The portions go through a freezing tunnel that freezes the meat in 30 minutes. Bacterial growth is the fastest in the freshly ground products, but with the help of effective freezing we can guarantee that the product is safe and of high quality.





The portions are weighed

From the freezing tunnel, the portions go to an automatic scale that weighs out 800 gram amounts and automatically releases them down to a line packaging machine.





the products are packed

The products are packed automatically in bags in the packaging machine.






The packages are sealed

Our new line packaging machine seals the bag with a locking mechanism that makes it easy to open and close.





The packages are inspected

The bags that weigh 800 grams are transported through a checkweigher and through a metal detector to our packing table where we manually pack them in boxes. During this process, each bag is examined to make sure that it is clean and intact.





The packages are placed in cold storage

Packed products are moved to a freezer storage where the temperature is -18 degrees.





The products are ready for shipping

Our products are ready to be picked up and transported to the MUSH dealers.