Meet the Team

We believe that our dog food is the best option for your dog. We also know that the MUSH B.A.R.F.® products are among the best on the market. To be able to maintain our high standards, we produce our dog food ourselves in our own factory in Pietarsaari, Finland. This way we can control and perform every part of the production process in the best way possible. We choose where the raw material comes from and we take advantage of the latest research when we develop our products. We produce and pack the products ourselves. When you use MUSH dog food, you know precisely where your dog food comes from. It’s safe to feed your dog naturally. At the moment there are 30 people on staff at MUSH. 


Magnus Pettersson

This is Magnus. He is the CEO of MUSH. Magnus has spent his whole career in the food industry. He has worked at MUSH since 2005 and he became the CEO of MUSH in 2011.

Petri Tapio

This is Petri. He is the Brand & Marketing Director at MUSH. Petri has a solid background in the dog food and food business. He has been working with MUSH since 2012. Petri is a hunter, outdoorsman and a true dog person.

The production team works Hard everyday to Achieve High quality

This is Ronnie Granlund. He is the Production Manager at MUSH. Ronnie has worked at MUSH since 2011. Ronnie leads the effective production team at MUSH, which at the moment consists of about twenty people. Ronnie is a hunter and a dog owner.

The product development team aims for continuous development

Quality and Production Developing Manager Reija Hoffren and our BARF expert Riikka are in charge of product development. They work with the rest of the MUSH team to make sure you get the best product possible. Riikka is a kennel owner and a true dog person.

Our Sellers Gladly help you

Contact our sales team if you want to have a MUSH reseller in your area! The whole MUSH sales team consists of true dog people that feed their dogs with BARF.