Vaisto products which are labeled with STARTER FORMULA are suitable for dogs who switch from dry food to BARF or for dogs that have a slower metabolism. When switching from dry food to BARF, you must take into consideration that dogs are not used to raw food. This is why we have developed the STARTER FORMULA. It contains less bone, plenty of rumen with good enzymes and bacteria that promote the digestion when shifting to a new diet, and a few more vegetables to keep stool consistency normal. You should use this product for two to four weeks prior to starting the other Vaisto products. This product can also be used for a longer time if your dog's metabolism is slower, or if constipation occurs.

When you switch from dry food to BARF, your dog may react negatively in the beginning. This is because it has to get used to a new diet, or a dog may react simply because the composition of BARF is different from dry food and it takes some time before the body cleans itself of the waste from other types of food. In rare cases, dogs vomits up pieces of bone that they failed to digest. Some dogs may also get diarrhea while others get constipated when you begin BARF feeding. A dog can also begin moulting even if it is not time to replace its fur. As a rule, these symptoms go away in a week, but sometimes it can take up to two weeks before the dog gets used to the new food.