Dogs are carnivores and they should eat accordingly. For us this means they should have the same kind of food that canines would eat in their natural environment – raw meat, bones, organs and vegetables. Nowadays this feeding method is commonly called BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones And Raw Food). We think this is an excellent way to describe this feeding method. Our complete BARF meals include 90–95 % raw meat, bones and organs – the rest consists of vegetables.

Why BARF is meant for dogs?

You can tell that dogs are carnivores by looking at their body. Take a look at the teeth, jaws and digestion system and you will understand why dogs are meant to eat raw. A dog's teeth, for instance, are pointed to be able to get and chew meat. Furthermore, dogs are not able to move their jaws sideways like herbivores – they only use their jaws to tear meat. You can also tell that dogs are carnivores because they have a big stomach, which means that they manage long times by not eating so much. Their intestines are also short, which once again shows that the dog is a carnivore. An animal with a large intestine digests fibre as well. Since dogs don’t eat large amounts of fiber, they simply don’t need a large intestine!

why raw meat?

Raw is an essential part of BARF, since dogs naturally eat their food raw. That way the natural nutrients are preserved well. When you cook meat and bones it loses important bacteria and enzymes. Cooking bones even makes them dangerous for the dog, since they become harder and can easily split into sharp pieces. Raw bones are simply softer and you can give them to your dog without hesitation.

The benefits of Feeding Raw

barf is 100 % natural

Our BARF dog food is 100 % natural, and you know what you are feeding your dog when using our products.

Raw and natural has many advantages:

  • The dog gets all the nutrients in their natural form. Enzymes and good bacteria are well preserved when the products aren’t cooked.
  • You won’t find additives, preservatives, or any other kind of suspicious stuff in our dog food. It´s 100 % natural.

less problems with barf

We have extensive experience feeding dogs raw meat, bones, organs and vegetables. The latest research also shows that a natural diet is good for the dog. We have been collaborating closely with the people that feed their dogs raw for many years, and we have received thousands of testimonials on the benefits of BARF.

Many experienced ‘barfers’ have noticed that BARF feeding helps with:

  • weight control
  • allergies
  • atopy
  • arthritis
  • pancreatitis
  • parasitism
  • digestion problems
  • eliminating bad breath, body and feces odour.

more happiness with RAW FOOD

Many experienced ‘barfers’ have noticed that raw food gives their dog:

  • better overall health
  • more energy
  • a better appetite
  • improved immune system function
  • fewer and more solid feces
  • healthier skin
  • shinier fur
  • cleaner teeth.


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