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The fact that a dog defecates more than once a day is associated with peristalsis, ie the bowel movement that caused by the intestinal muscles, which moves stool forward.

Mush raw materials come from Finnish slaughterhouses that cater primarily to human industry.

There are a number of ways to minimize the mess. In summer, you can serve the bones to your dog outside. Some dog owners have a towel or blanket placed under their dog.

Yes it is eatable, and you can give the portion to your dog. Only the smell of the food might have changed since the amount of bacteria has increased. It will not be dangerous for the dog.

It is best to start by introducing products one at a time and gradually get your dog accustomed to the new diet. You can start with more easily digestible products such as salmon or chicken.

If you melt the food and cool it down again, bacterial amounts are increased slightly. This is not a problem for the dog, but might be dangerous for a human.

If your dog goes along with it, you can change to a BARF diet right away.

Many dog owners are used to feeding their pets many times a day. However, with the BARF diet, feeding your dog once a day is enough.

BARF feeding consists of raw meat, bones, organs, fish, vegetables and fruit. Eggs and dairy products can be added if the owner wants to.

Yes, many times the reason for a sensitive stomach is an inappropriate diet.