Brand Book

Dear reader,

We have created the MUSH Brand Book to be our guide for building one consistent MUSH Brand. This guide helps both us and everyone who deals with MUSH understand the origin and the core values of the MUSH Brand. Furthermore, it introduces the best ways of getting the most out of the MUSH Brand.

Moreover, the purpose of the guide is to provide guidelines for everything we do. We aim at ensuring that our brand maintains a consistent look and feel – no matter where in the world it is seen.

Whether you are new to MUSH, or have knownus for longer, you know that there is something very special about this brand. Coming from a small Finnish town, we want to preserve our heritage and passion for making dogs healthier and happier. The information in this guide helps keep the MUSH Brand focused and unique. It is a tool that allows us to speak with one voice.

I believe it is important to mention the basics of BARF feeding, as our brand has BARF feeding at its core. BARF is a concept that stands for “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food”, or “Bones And Raw Food”.

BARF feeding is a natural and species-specific way of feeding dogs. This means feeding them just raw meat, bones and vegetables. We want dog owners to have the best possible dog nutrition available and do what they believe is right for their dog. We give peo- ple something to believe in – not something to buy.

Take care,
Magnus Pettersson
CEO of Oy MUSCH Ltd.

Pietarsaari, Finland 2013