Our logo is our most valuable asset so treat it with the respect it deserves. It is the most immediate representation of our brand.

Please use the logo in all communication related to the MUSH Brand.


The preferred way to use the mush logo is in mush orange. Every attempt must be made to do this. Always leave clear space around the logo to maximize its visual effectiveness. Nothing should intrude into this specified clear space around the logo.

Use the grey version of the logo in black and white materials.


We’re not a rules and regulations kind of company, however there are some things we don’t ap- prove of, for example incorrect usage of the MUSH Logo:

  1. Never change the logo’s orientation.
  2. Never change the proportions of the logo.
  3. Never change the colour of the logo.
  4. Never add any strokes or other effects to thelogo.
  5. Never use the logo on a background that is toosimilar to the logo orange.
  6. See that the logo is always clearly visible.
  7. No parts of the logo should be transparent.

Download MUSH Logos