Our Product Promises

The following statements are the product promises that guide us in producing 100 % natural dog food.


We set high quality standards for our products, and we demand that our suppliers do the same as well. Food origin matters, and therefore we get most of our ingredients from local farmers that we trust.


What does transparency mean to us?

We are proud to work with many high quality sup- pliers to bring your dog the most natural dog food that there is. Most of our ingredients come from the lowland plain in western Finland. Our main ingre- dients, pork, beef and chicken, come from farms close to our own factory in the middle of the agri- cultural landscape in Pietarsaari, Finland. The turkey originates from Finland as well. We also have our own slaughter house in Pietarsaari. This way we can ensure that every part of the production chain meets all of our high standards. The lowland plain pro- vide soil for great crops as well. Our vegetables also originate from there, even though we occasionally import lettuce due to seasonal shortages. The salmon is from Norway and the reindeer comes from Finnish Lapland, of course. Last but not least, we only use ingredients that comply with the appropriate regula- tory requirements for food safety.


We simply believe that raw meat, bones, organs and vegetables are the most natural things to feed your dog. You won’t find additives, preservatives or grains in our dog food.

What does natural mean to us?

We believe that dogs are carnivores and that their natural food is raw meat, bones, organs and vegetables. We don’t believe that grains are part of a dog’s natural food. We have gathered a lot of first hand ex- perience with this type of feeding over the years, and we also take part in a research program through the University of Helsinki where we find out more about how different ways of feeding affects the dogs. When it comes to the production of our dog food, we don’t heat or cook the BARF products, we just mix the ingredients. We know it’s hard to believe, but our products do not include any additives or preservatives either. Our products really are as unprocessed, real and fresh as manufactured products can possibly be.


Our products are raw-frozen and therefore less processed. This way the natural nutrients are preserved as well as possible in our products.

Why are raw-frozen products beneficial?

We believe that the best food for your dog is raw, and therefore we skip the numerous processing stages that dry/wet dog food goes through. By producing raw- frozen products, we ensure two important things: that the natural nutrients of the ingredients are pre- served and that no artificial nutrients are added. The product will surely be as fresh and natural as possible when it reaches the end user. Our production process has high standards and follows all of the Evira regulations. Our efficient production team has extensive ex- perience in the food production industry and knows what it takes to produce high quality products.


Every meal has a balanced amount of raw meat, bones, organs and vegetables. It’s never been easier to give your dog a complete BARF meal.

Why do we produce complete meals?

Our products are developed in close collaboration with dog owners, dog experts and researchers. Producing complete meals is a way for us to ensure that your dog gets everything that is needed to maximize the vital- ity and health of your pet. Every meal has a balanced amount of raw meat, bones, organs and vegetables. We also want to give you an opportunity to give your dog variety, and therefore all meals include meat from three different animals. The products are suitable for all breeds, and you can be sure that your dog will get all the nutrients it needs. By producing complete meals, we want to make BARF feeding as easy as possible.