Dog Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever walking in summer park

Caring for an Overweight Dog

Raw feeding is a wonderful option for overweight dogs. Obesity in dogs has increased like human obesity. The reasons for this are the same: humans and dogs consume more energy than they need.

We have so many great stories from our customers who have switched their obese dog’s diet into raw: their dogs vitality and energy levels increased in only two weeks. Higher energy levels also make losing weight easier.

Raw food is so nutritious and contains no grain, soy, wheat, potato, rice or other unnecessary cheap fillers and is therefore the perfect option for an overweight dog.

We recommend starting with Vaisto Green. Green contains beef, chicken and turkey from Finland and 10 % fresh vegetables and oils. Dogs normally love raw food but it’s important to follow our How to start Raw Feeding– guide.

Once your dog has safely switched to raw food, you can start feeding your dog according to it’s ideal weight (unless your dog is extremely overweight!). For example: Your dog weighs 18 kg but he or she should weigh 15 kg you can start giving your dog 15 Vaisto Green meatballs or 1 and a half mini blocks of Vaisto Green 10 kg. Larger breeds usually need a little less! For example: your dog should weigh 35 kg but he or she weighs 40 kg, you could start giving your dog about 30 meatballs or 3 mini blocks.

Dogs that are extremely overweight should start losing weigh a little slower – you could start with little larger amounts of food and then slowly start decreasing the amount as your dog starts losing weight. It is important not to lose weight too quickly!