VAINU® Pork ears

MUSH VAINU® Pork ears are a classic treat. Finnish pork ears are a safe choice for a multitude of utilizations. Pork ears are a energy packed snack and the perfect choice for dogs that need a bit more body mass.

65% protein and 22.4% fat.

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In addition to the high national standards when it comes to Finnish meat production, our pork comes from local Finnish family farms. We can assure you that high standards in the animal health care program are followed. There are veterinary visits and audits held several times per year. Due to these rigid regulations, there is, among other things, no Aujeszky disease found in any Finnish pigs. This disease is lethal for dogs and cats. The source of the pork can easily be tracked. The pork is delivered fresh every day.


Finnish pork ears, dried.

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