Vaisto Puppy® Ice Blue

Give your puppy the best possible start in life! Vaisto Puppy complete meals are designed to naturally meet all your puppy’s needs with the purest high-quality ingredients.

Where can I buy?

Vaisto products are easy to use: just take the required amount out of the freezer and let it defrost in the fridge for approximately 12 hours or take it out into room temperature and let melt for a few hours before serving.

Some pets like to consume their food while it’s still quite cold and partly frozen and some like it best once it’s been sitting in room temperature for 6 hours.

Keep the products separate from human consumption foods and in about -18 C.

The manufacturing date can be found on the package and the food keeps for 18 months after production.


Our reindeer don’t know any borders, since they walk free and eat natural food. Our reindeer meat comes from Lapland. The meat providers follow the animal protection laws, protect their reindeer against unnecessary suffering, and aim to create natural living circumstances.


Camelina oil comes from Finland and the sunflower oil from Germany.


As well as having high national standards when it comes to Finnish meat production, our beef comes from local Finnish family farms. We can assure you that high standards in the animal health care program are followed and that they are well planned. Our farms follow professional care taking practices and participate in ongoing farm development. The source of the beef can easily be tracked. The beef is delivered fresh every day.


Our salmon is from Norway and it is delivered fresh to our factory from a local distributor. The fish comply with the appropriate regulatory requirements for food safety.


We only use ingredients that comply with the appropriate regulatory requirements for food safety. Our vegetables and fruits grow in the clean Finnish soil and come mainly from small farms close to our factory. This way we can ensure that the vegetables and fruits are fresh and nutritious. We occasionally import lettuce due to seasonal shortages.


Beef 35 % (meat, heart, stomach, liver, cartilage), Reindeer 35 % (meat, bones, kung, cartilage), Salmon 22 % (whole Salmon with bones), Vegetables and Oils 8 % (Broccoli, Salad, Apple, Carrot, cold pressed sunflower seed oil, flax seed oil).

Nutritional values / 100g

Energy (kJ/kcal) 832/199
Raw protein (g) 16.2
Raw fat (g) 14.2
Calcium 1.2
Phosphorus 0.7
Moisture 63.5
Crude ashes 4.4
Fiber 1.2
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