How start Raw Feeding

You have probably heard about the many benefits of giving raw food to your cat but perhaps a little unsure on how to get started in the best possible manner if you don’t have any knowledge about raw feeding. For this purpose we have a wonderful raw complete meal specially designed for all cats and kittens. Vaisto Yellow contains Finnish beef and chicken, a little oil and a hint of sea weed.

How to get started with vaisto raw feeding?

Starting your cat on a raw diet might be a little dubious. You might be worried about digestive issues and your cats reaction to the new diet.

It’s important to start slowly converting the current diet to raw:

  • DAY 1 to DAY 4: Replace the amount of one Vaisto Cat meatball with one meatball.
  • DAY 5 to DAY 8: Replace the amount of two Vaisto Cat meatballs with two meatballs.
  • DAY 9 to DAY 12: Replace the amount of three Vaisto Cat meatballs with three meatballs.

It’s best to mix the meatballs up into to current food.

You should continue like this until you have replaced the whole diet to raw but you can also only feed party raw. By the 12th day you will see changes in your cat’s activity levels and his or her litter tray will be much more pleasant to clean out!

Do you have a finicking cat? Continue reading!

How to get a very pernickety cat started on a raw diet?

All cats are absolute carnivores and love real, proper meat. Some cats have forgotten this and might require a longer period for transferring into their ancestral diet. The most important thing is to introduce your cat to a few meal times and not have food constantly available. Once your cat is used to having meal times 3 to 4 times a day, you should start following these tips to help your choosy cat to accept the raw diet:

  1. Place one well defrosted Vaisto Cat meatball on a plate next to your cat’s regular meal. This way your cat will connect the smell of real meat to meal time. You should continue doing this for a few days.
  2. In the next stage you should serve the plate with a defrosted Vaisto Cat meatball half an hour before meal time. Crunch some of your cats favourite food on top of the meatball. Your cat might now approach the meatball with new found interest. Once your cat is brave enough to eat his or favourite food from top of the meatball it’s time to move on to the next stage.
  3. Now it’s time to place the meatball in your cat’s regular feeding bowl and cover the meatball with your cat’s regular food. If your cat refuses to eat anything for more than two mealtimes, it’s time to go back to stage 2. If your cat happily accepts the meatball in the bowl under his or her normal food, you can move on to the last stage.
  4. Now it is time to take half a meatball and mix it up completely in your cats food. Your cat will most likely eat the food up without any problems!

After your cat has successfully eaten half a meatball mixed in his or her current diet, you may slowly start increasing the amount of raw in the meals. Your cat could be a complete raw-eater in a week or two but some cats take six months or even longer! Patience is important!

How much vaisto cat should i give?

Portioning is super easy! Depending on your cats activity levels, the right amount of meatballs is somewhere between 1 or 2 meatball per your cats weight in kg. For example a 4 kg cat should eat 4 to 8 meatballs daily divided into 3 to 5 meals. Some extremely active cats might need even more food. Kittens should be fed according to their expected adult weight but many choose to always have meatballs available for growing kittens.

You can also leave frozen meatballs out for your cat during work days. The meat will defrost in room temperature while you are away.

It is vert important to watch your cats weight and adjust feeding amounts accordingly.

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